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Dermaroller Basics

The key considerations when looking into the prospect of skin needling solutions, is will it work for you, and what is brand and needle length is best for your needs. We try to answer these questions as clearly as possible in an unbiased and open manner.

What are Dermarollers

Dermarollers are devices used in the process of skin needling. This is also referred to as micro needling, meso therapy or collagen induction therapy (CIT). Skin Needling can be carried out as part of a clinical treatment or as a simplified home treatment.



Dermaroller Treatments

Dermarollers can be used as effective treatments for all of the common problems shown below. The single binding factor in these complaints is a lack of collagen and elastin fibres in the skin which skin needling aims to rectify. 

Dermaroller Skin Needling

Because of the way in which they work, derma rollers can also be used in conjunction with other products to aid hair loss treatments and cellulite reduction. Before buying your derma roller for these two additional treatments, it is important you understand how derma rollers work so that you can appreciate the different approaches required for each method.

  • Hair Loss 
  • Cellulite


Basic Skin Needling Instructions

Basic use involves rolling the device over the affected area no more that 5 times a week. Rolling should be done lightly in several directions ensuring that each area is covered. There is no need for excessive rolling and the process should not be painful. After rolling, the application of a moisturizer or similar product whilst not always essential is highly recommended.

This is just the briefest of overviews of the derma roller instructions which can be seen in more detail by following the skin needling instructions link. We assist in developing bespoke routines which most users tend to develop to compliment their own lifestyle, needs and beauty regimes.

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Dermaroller Results

Depending on what it is you are trying to treat, results can vary between one person and the next. Typically, stretch mark removal, wrinkle reduction and the reduction of fine lines should take no more than two weeks for results to first start showing. Improvements will continue to develop for as long as you continue the process. Skin needling results are permanent and do not fade.

More demanding treatments such as acne scars and scars may take longer and it depends largely on the starting conditions of the skin. It is highly unlikely that you will achieve total removal of the appearance scars. You should see a difference in your acne scars within the first month of use although we have seen results take as much as two months to appear.

Dermarollers micro needling

Results are dependant on many factors. Your own skins natural responses, how you often you use the roller, needle lengths and a whole host of unique factors. It is your treatment process however and it should be in tune with your own needs. You may get results quicker or slower than other people. Either way, you will achieve those results and it is more important that you enjoy the journey than arriving at your destination quickly!