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Guide To Choosing Skin Needling Lengths

There are several factors you should consider when choosing which needle length to opt for your skin needling treatment. Whilst you should be able to get results for most problems with any needle length, it may be uncomfortable if you were to choose a length which is too long, or the time it takes to obtain results may be affected if it is too short.

Most Important Rule When Choosing Needle Length

First off, the most important rule when choosing which needle length to go for is to consider how thick the skin is on the area that you will be treating. The thicker the skin, the longer the needle length can be. For example, on fleshy areas such as the thighs and stomach, choosing a longer needle length is fine. Most customers will opt for a 1.5mm in these areas.

On areas of the body where there is little flesh, such as the face, the most common choice is to go for a 0.5mm roller.

Choosing Derma Roller Length

How Sensitive Are You

The first time you use a derma roller, you are likely to experience some degree of mild discomfort. Particularly when rolling on sensitive or delicate areas, skin needling may be a sensation that some users find unpleasant. To reduce the chances of this being the case, choosing cautiously is advised. This means for example, if you are unsure whether to choose a 1.5mm or 1.0mm, go for the shorter needle length.

Whilst most users will find that they build up a tolerance to any discomfort after the first few sessions, it is always easier to apply greater pressure with a shorter needle length than have to be concerned with having to roll lightly to improve comfort.

What Are You Treating

Some skin needling treatments are undoubtedly more difficult to get results with than others. Whereas stretch marks and wrinkle treatments should get results within a few days or weeks, scar treatments can take much longer. Whilst we suggest that being patient and sticking to the rules above should take precedence, longer needle lengths can aid in getting results slightly quicker. However, the chance of it being too uncomfortable to roll if you choose a longer needles outweighs any benefits that may be gotten from trying to reduce the treatment period.

Choosing Dermaroller Needles

Ask For Help

We provide guidance for any of our customers who ask us for help in choosing needle lengths. We have made suggestions on each of the skin needling treatment pages as to the most common option of needle lengths chosen. Everyone is different however and it is an individual choice. It is worth noting that salon treatments will usually be done with longer needle lengths than would be used for home treatments. You can learn more about the difference between home skin needling and salon treatments on by following the link.

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