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Skin Needling Treatments

Skin Needling and Dermaroller treatments can be carried out at both home or in salons. Home based treatments are suitable for the majority of users and we try to explain what you should know for each treatment below. You can visit the store at any time by following the link below.


Dermaroller Treatments

Please follow the links to learn more about the skin needling treatment that is appropriate to you. We provide information on which brands and needle lengths are appropriate for each treatment.


Which Needle Length To Choose

We recommend the choices of needle lengths to consider on each of the individual treatment pages above. For an overview guide to choosing needle lengths for your skin needling treatment, you can view this information on our guide to choosing needle lengths page.

Derma roller treaments

The Benefits of Skin Needling

Skin Needling offers several advantages over other treatment types such as laser surgery or micro-dermabrasion. Because using a derma roller works in harmony with your bodies natural defences as opposed to aggressively altering the skins structure, you will not experience the down time and potential side affects associated with these alternative treatments.

The costs are also much lower when skin needling at home using a derma roller. Unlike laser surgery or even professional micro needling treatments which can cost several hundreds of pounds/dollars a session, having your own dermaroller at home costs the equivalent of a few pennies a day making it affordable for everyone to achieve the fantastic results that skin needling can achieve.

Dermaroller Treatments

Choosing The Right Model

Before choosing which model from our Dermaroller Shop, you may wish to find out what you need to know about deciding which skin needling model is going to suit. Visit the Dermaroller Essentials page to make sure you are aware of the key differences between each model so that you can make better decisions before starting your skin needling.