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DNS Roller

The DNS roller is the most recent addition to the world of skin needling and the makers at bioGenesis London have worked hard to create a product which is specifically suited to home based dermaroller treatments. We've seen many different brands of roller at and this is perhaps the best yet in terms of delivering what is important to customers.



What Make the DNS Roller Different

Because the DNS Roller is made specifically for home use, all aspects of the manufacturing process have been thought through with the home user in mind. Unlike other brands which usually cater mainly for the clinical treatment market, the DNS roller represent a forward step in home dermaroller use.

It is constructed using a solid plate structure in a way which prevents fluid from penetrating the core of the roller - this reduces the chances of mechanical problems as well as creating a more hygienic roller which extends the life of the product. It is also up to 40% lighter than other brands, reducing the costs of worldwide distribution - a cost which is naturally passed onto the consumer.

The packaging and design is also made with the user in mind. The needles are protected with plastic head pieces to prevent damage to the roller in between use and are a feature that many Ultramod Shop customers have noted as useful in their feedback. There are also other neat touches such as printed instruction on the packaging

DNS Dermaroller

DNS Roller Options

The DNS Roller has both full 8-line and 3-line models to choose from. Needle lengths range from 0.2mm to 1.5mm. (Longer needles are available upon request)


  • Needle Arrangement - In line (200 needles full size)
  • Sterilization - EQ Gas, Gamma, Alcohol (90%+)
  • Needle Material - Medical Grade Stainless Steel
  • Shape - Ergonomic Handle
  • Packaging - Protective Cap, Lightweight Box.


We offer discounts for multiple roller orders on all our brands. The discounts are applied automatically when you add more than one DNS Roller to your basket. Whilst the prices shown below are in UK Sterling, prices in the shopping cart are displayed in the currency of your choice.

To buy the DNS Roller, Please follow the link.

  • Single Roller - £25
  • Two Rollers - £45
  • Three Rollers - £63.75
  • Four Rollers - £80
  • Five Rollers - £93.75