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Stretch Marks

Amongst all the treatments possible with a dermaroller, getting rid of stretch marks is an area where skin needling excels. In the vast majority of cases, customers have found that the first signs of improvements have begun to show within the first few days of rolling.

This page explains a little about what stretch marks are and how using a derma roller to remove them works. You can go back to the skin needling treatments page at any time by following the link or head straight on into the shop by clicking the button below.


Dermaroller For Stretch Marks

Cause Of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks appear when the skin is torn during periods of rapid growth. Although the skins integrity is always maintained, its thickness in specific areas is drastically reduced. These areas are where the stretch marks show.

This is typically the cause of pregnancy, puberty or periods of rapid weight gain. Male stretch marks can also occur through body building. Whilst they have no serious medical side effects, there is a widespread desire by both men and woman in removing them for cosmetic reasons.

Stretch Mark Dermaroller Treatment

A Dermaroller treatment for stretch marks is an incredibly simple process. Because they tend to appear on fleshy areas of skin, skin needling in these areas is usually free of any major discomfort.

We offer further guidance on what choosing needle lengths - just follow the link. Typically though, most users will choose either a 1.5mm for stretch marks on the thighs, backside and stomach or a 1.0mm for stretch marks on the chest or arms.

The effect of skin needling is to stimulate collagen and elastin production in the area where the marks are located. The reason why stretch marks show is a lack of these basic building blocks. By encouraging their production, your skin is given the kick start it needs to reduce the stretchmarks appearance significantly.

Stretch Mark Treatments Using Derma Rollers

Additional Stretch Mark Benefits

Not only does skin needling stimulate the healing process, it also allows improved absorption of topically applied products. This means that after rolling, any creams or oils applied to the skin have a dramatic improvement in their effectiveness.

This also provides the opportunity for additional nutrients to be applied after rolling to boost the skins resources for skin cell production. Some users may already have anti stretch mark products which they will find far more effective in conjunction with derma rolling.

How Long To See Results

You will typically see an improvement to your stretchmarks within 2-3 weeks of first using your dermaroller. However, it is not uncommon for this period to be significantly less.

Whilst we encourage people to take a patient approach to all their skin needling treatments, the time it takes for results to show is dependant on several factors including, the frequency of treatments, length of needle size, pressure as well as a natural propensity for healing.

Skin Needling for stretchmarks

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